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The Black Diamond Trophy is the name of the annual football match against the Virginia Tech (VT) Hokies and the West Virginia University (WVU) Mountaineers. The background of this cross conference competition between Virginia Tech football program in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) as well as that of the West Virginia football program that is part of the Big East Conference goes all up to 1912, when the two teams first met against each other.

The first game between these two highly regarded universities of higher education was played on the 16th of November 1912. The outcome of that first match saw both the Virginia Tech squad walking away with a victory after beating the West Virginia opponents with 41-0 at the end of the game. Although the relationship between these two rivals in the same region began in the early twentieth century , the formal Black Diamond Trophy was not established until 1997, when the teams began playing regularly.

West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, West Virginia and Virginia Tech is situated at Blacksburg, Virginia. The two campuses of the college are located approximately 250 miles from each other. Students who travel to their Virginia Tech campus to away football matches played at West Virginia campus West Virginia campus take Interstate 79 north for most of the four-hour journey between Blacksburg up to Morgantown. The venue is where Morgantown is where the Black Diamond Trophy football game is played every year between Lane Stadium (capacity 66,233) in Blacksburg and Mountaineer Field in Morgantown which accommodates 60,180 spectators.

Black Diamond Trophy is the name that has been given to it. Black Diamond Trophy is a symbol of the coal industry, which has ruled the Appalachian region in which these two schools have been located รีวิวเว็บแทงบอล ดีมากๆ for many years. The region of the country in which the Virginias are situated is rich in coal-related historical records. The term”black diamond” used to describe coal is similar to the term crude oil “black gold”.

Prior to when the Black Diamond Trophy was introduced in 1997, West Virginia held a commanding advantage in the 41 games that preceded the award ceremony. From 1996 on, the WVU program led by a score of 25-15-1. Since the introduction of the Black Diamond Trophy in 1997 Virginia Tech has the series ahead with a advantage of six games for the Hokies and only 3 victories for the Mountaineers.

Unfortunately, the fate for the Black Diamond Trophy is very uncertain. In 2004, Virginia Tech switched from the Big East Conference (which West Virginia is a part of) to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Due to conflicting schedules for the conference, the two schools have not played each other since the year 2005. Although the Black Diamond Trophy is currently being suspended, the fans of the region are hopeful that it will come back to life soon.