Football Coaching Tips – Getting the Most From Your Team

Football is a huge sport in the UK and has often been compared to a religion with many ‘worshippers’ spending weekends on the terraces watching their favourite teams take on their rivals. If you’ve ever been to a game of football you’ll have no doubt heard many of the supporters barking instructions (sometimes in fairly colourful language) to the players on the pitch and sometimes they seem to make more sense than whatever the manager has told them.

This is possibly why many football fans and former players themselves become football coaches; to pass on their knowledge and ideas about the game and to help teams improve. A lot of coaches in the UK football leagues are well paid and respected at the professional level but even down at grass roots level the Sunday league and children’s coaches command great respect from their team and their supporters for the effort they put in to develop the players and the team.

One of the main elements to being a football coach is to instill a philosophy and message to the team, some sports teams take the philosophy of “win at all costs” a little too literally and could resort to cheating such as the often maligned diving and faking injuries that you see in the professional matches. The good coach would want to promote the ideology that they must win within the rules, cheating is a loss to the team and the players. This kind of approach will encourage the players to respect you and your vision and hopefully have them performing better to do justice to your coaching.

Knowing everything about the game you coach is vital too. As a coach there are many more aspects of the game such as formations, set plays and knowing your players strengths that are essential knowledge for a good football coach. It’s important  ทางเข้า ufabet during team practice sessions that these key strategies and plays are coached.

The best coaches tend to be ones who have come from a background in the sport, which is why, when you look at most of the Premier League coaches and managers, that they generally have been players in the past. Some of the greatest coaches of all time such as Kenny Dalglish were successful players who made the transition to the coaching aspect of the game and performed well. If you are an ex-footballer then much of what you have learnt over the years playing the game can be vital to help get the upper hand over your rivals.