Best Fantasy Football Player Value 2007

So who will benefit the most from the arguably greatest offense to ever take the field in the history of the NFL? From a fantasy perspective the answer is a undoubtedly, Tom Brady.

Bill Belichick loves to spread the ball around. That is the only certainty in the Patriots offense and getting Randy Moss is only going to add to this scheme. With Randy Moss demanding a constant double team, the field will open up like the Red Sea for Tom Brady who will sit back and pick apart defenses by finding his single covered targets. And he has so many this year. Donte Stallworth alone is worth a double team and he will be playing second string to Moss who will be the main attraction for all defenses. If they both are double teamed, the trademark Patriots tight end production will see an increase as well as Maroney and Morris catching balls out of the backfield.

All of this adds up to passing TD’s for Brady. He will be on ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet par this year to potentially challenge Peyton’s record. With this much talent and opportunity on the field in addition to Brady’s accuracy, there is no reason to not throw the ball and throw down-field often. Look for Brady to throw at least three to four TD’s a game and average roughly around 300 yards. Peyton Manning was the hands down fantasy points champion the year he broke his record. There is no reason we shouldn’t see the same production from Tom Brady this year. This is your chance to own the 2004 Peyton Manning.